Heather Dean-Wright

Heather is based in Ireland and has ridden and competed in all three disciplines - show jumping, eventing and dressage - usually preparing the horses she rides from scratch and competing to grade A and international levels.  She has a keen involvement in horse breeding, relating bloodlines to performance, has designed and built her own breeding and training center, and coaches students in breeding and artificial insemination.  In her role as Vice President of Equine Innovation, she provides real world equine knowledge and expertise. 

Mark Bayliss

Mark is based in the US, in Virginia, a state known for its thoroughbred horses and eventing.  Virginia is also one of the leading technology development areas in the world, and Mark has enjoyed a successful career, including development of many innovative ideas.  In 2005, Mark was named Virginia High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year.  Mark is currently appointed as a member of the US government’s Technology Advisory Council.  In his role as President of Equine Innovation, Mark brings his expertise in technology and entrepreneurship to the equine industry.

Equine Innovation’s mission

 The goal of Equine Innovation is a simple one - to bring technology to the equine industry in such a way that it leaves the simple and elegant beauty of horses and human interaction unaffected.  We design and adopt technology in a method that is synergistic with the equine way of life.  Ansd we  work hard to make it easier and more cost-effective for you to operate your business.  So we have combined the skills and knowledge of an Irish equine expert and an American technology expert to created Equine Innovation.  Our goal is to make life simpler through the use of technology, not more complex.  And we will continue to develop products and apply technology to save you one of the most important things in life - time - time to do the things you love to do.
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Heather on one her Connemara ponies

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