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Energy Smart Stables

These peel-and-stick flexible solar panels are designed for metal, barn or house rooves.  They are quick to install and cost-effective.  Combine these with our LED lighting replacements and solar hot water heaters and you can almost eliminate your monthly electrical costs. And, depending on the cost of electricity in your region, the payback on the system may be less than 18 months.  We also have a new design of the legendary RAM water pump. This equipment has the ability to pump water from a stream or spring with no electrical power needed!

Smart Stable Technology

We provide innovative solutions to Internet-enable your stable or even your entire property. * Internet-enabled cameras for your stables and even solar power units for out in the fields. * Systems to monitor the temperature in each stall as well as fire and smoke detection. * The ability to control lights, set a temp level for the fans, water pumps, alarm systems and auto feeders. You can automate or manually control any connected equipment from your smartphone or any Internet connected device.  

The Best Stable

Management and Breeding


CRIO is the equine management software chosen by the best breeders and owners in South America, North American and Europe.  This software makes it simple to manage your horse farm, training center, reproduction center or any other equine business.  And now Crio has integrated our Smart Stables products, giving you the ability to monitor your horses, stables and environmental conditions from anywhere in the world.
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