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CRIO Equine Stable Management and Breeding Software

We offer two versions; the original version in which you purchase the software and run it on your computer; and the new cloud-based version.  With the cloud-based version, you do not have to install any software.  Everything is kept up to date and all of your information is safely stored in our data center, where you can securely access and use all of the same features as the original software from any Internet connected device

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Smart Stables Internet Video System

This is the starting package in our Smart Stables products. This system comes with two wireless access points and a secure Internet router with firewall, VPN and WiFi controlled access and two Internet web cameras.  You can add additional cameras and access points as well.

 Complete systems starting at $495.00    

Energy Smart Systems

Our flexible solar panels lower the cost of installing solar power.  No additional mounting brackets or

aluminum and glass are needed for our solar powered systems.  These panels are tough -  they can

survive hail and most typical impacts that a roof would experience.  And they also provide additional

insulation.  Each panel produces 144 watts - enough power to supply the equivalent energy to run 28

of our LeED replacement lightbulbs.  Since our system operates as a gridtie, any electrical devices will

use the power produced by our solar panels before that of the power company.  There are no batteries

or maintenance with this system.  Every day, from sunrise to sunset, this system saves you money.

 Systems staring at $650.00    
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